These TLs are the basic ideas of what portion of the world is working with. Freelancer has obviously had a bit different development scheme than normal Traveller, and it shows here.

Technology Levels:
  • Ships: 14
  • Shields: 20
  • Jump/Trade Lanes: 20
  • Personal Arms: 11
  • Armor: 11
  • Software: 12
  • Ship Software: 13
  • Augments: 14

PCs to start will come from one of the 4 Main Houses to make life easier for all. Each of these Houses give the obvious benefit of a starting tie to the House, and an additional skill starting at 0 beyond Education Benefits.

  • Rhineland: Carouse
  • Liberty: Broker
  • Kusari: Steward
  • Bretonnia: Diplomat

The Social Standing statistic will give the PCs additional factions that they will have favorable ties with. Each player will get a base faction regardless of their social standing, and then each +1 gives them another of the various factions to choose from. Obviously all decisions will need to be approved by the DM and will need to be somehow worked into the back story of the character.

Instead of a plethora of various ships, they will be standardized and contain a difference based around the faction that the ship was purchased from.

Ship Faction Bonus
  • Kusari: +1 Afterburner Thrust and Reaction per turn
  • Dragons: +1 Afterburner Thrust and Reaction per turn
  • Rhineland: Additional Weapon Hardpoint
  • Red Hessians: +1-3 Structure Points
  • Bretonnia: +3 Hull Points
  • Mollys: +1 Thrust
  • Liberty: +1 TL to Sensors and Computers
  • Rogues: 15% Cost reduction

The Various Statistics of the 4 classes of fighters that will make up the bulk of what the PCs will be flying, and the larger ships that will make up more of what they will encounter.

  • Fighters: 6
  • Gunboat/Freighter: 5
  • Cruiser/Battleship: 4

Afterburners are a limited time increase to the standard thrust of the various ship types. Standard engine and power plant outputs allow for 3 rounds worth of afterburner in a given combat.

  • Light Fighters: 10
  • Heavy Fighter: 9
  • Very Heavy Fighter/Bomber: 8
  • Gunboat/Freighter: 7
  • Cruiser/Battleship: 6

Ships can also choose to engage their cruise engages for sustained boosts. Engaging cruise engines enables travel at thrust 15, but disables weapons, and takes a round to activate.

  • LF: 4
  • HF: 5
  • VHF: 6
  • Bombers: 5
  • LF 30 Shield, 10 Hull, 5 Structure
  • HF: 40 Shield 12 Hull 7 Structure
  • VHF: 50 Shield 14 Hull 9 Structure
  • Bomber: 60 Shield 16 Hull 11 Structure

Shields will function a bit oddly, but I think makes them more viable. The Shield can sustain up to half of it’s full capacity each round before failing for whatever additional damage is thrown that ship’s way. To replenish the ship a properly stationed character must throw Engineer(Shields) 8+, replenishing 5pts per point of effect.


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